Friday, September 7, 2007

Failure vs. Success

Robert Kiyosaki is a business entrepreneur, but his experiences are very apropos to the process of an artist. He says that 90% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years, and of the 10% that don't fail, 90% of those fail in the first 10 years. That means that 99% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years. (3) The process of creation can be very scary and even painful. It's like "jumping out of a plane without a parachute. In midair the [artist] begins building a parachute, and hopes it opens before hitting the ground." (4) He goes on to say, that those that can fail, then get back up into the plane and try again may be able to turn into one of the best learning experiences of their lives.

Dr. Wayne Dyer also has similar things to say on the subject of failure. He suggests that thinking of all the potential outcomes of choices as "neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, even better or worse," one can begin to make choices without fear of failure. (146)

Now, I could get into dictionary definitions of failure and success, and talk about the success rate of this, and the failure rate of that. They're just words. The next 4 months are going to be about failure. Fear of failure, timidly succeeding and outright success on the first try is not an option. I am going to do everything I can to take risks at failing. If I create something that succeeds, I'm going to push it until it fails. To accomplish this, I am going to focus on creating several small projects, the goal being one per week. These may succeed, these may may not, but I'll keep getting back into the airplane.

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