Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Acoustic Biology

Acoustic Biology studies the effect of sound on living organisms. [1] My research into sound as a form of energy and as something that effects material... is helping me define language I can start to use to talk about my work.

Resonance, harmonics, acoustics. How do these qualities affect living organisms, such as plants? Some research has been done, mostly in the Eastern world.
Most acupuncture points and meridian points are the high electric conductance points on body surface and vice versa. A model has been proposed that acupuncture points are organizing centers in morphogenesis. At the macroscopic level, they are singular points (e.g. sinks, sources) in the morphogen gradient, phase gradient and electromagnetic field. Meridians are separatrices. [2]
What is interesting here is that the areas on plants and the human body that correspond to the Chinese meridian system used in Eastern medicine can be measured via their conductive and electromagnetic properties. They also are areas that form the basis of changes within a developing embryo.

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(Note that this paper makes several unfounded statements, all of which make very interesting claims, especially as an artist, even if they really aren't being completely supported.)
2. Shang,
Charles. The Meridian System And The Mechanism Of Acupuncture. Boston University School of Medicine Boston University School of Medicine. 21st,
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