Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Undular Bore waves: resonanace sound and harmonics

I found this in my research of resonance and waves. I find it very interesting how waves and resonance manifest themselves in so many different ways. Instruments resonate, and the resulting harmonics develop rich sounds. In the video below, undular bore waves compress moisture into clouds that sweep across the sky. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge disintegrated under a 40 mile an hour wind. The Chladni phenomenon creates intricate patterns in sand from simple single octaves.

Those giant waves—"undular bore waves"—were photographed Oct. 3rd flowing across the skies of Des Moines, Iowa. (Credit: KCCI-TV Des Moines and Iowa Environmental Mesonet SchoolNet8 Webcam.)


As Beasley once observed : “If two independent systems, both having the same nature occurring frequency, are joined together in a harmonious phase, resonance occurs with the result that their maximum and minimum values are reached simultaneously, both systems vibrate in unison . Under these conditions, the resulting wave from the values created by the union of the two frequencies exceed that which either could produce independently. [1]
1. Beasley. 1978. Unknown source. From: http://sps.nus.edu.sg/~tanshenm/2171.pdf&ei=YTUeR5zBIYO0as_DuP4H&sig2=DPyKNNqHR7OR2NIG77v50Q&zx=-I_Kaexbuog&ct=w

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